Forum World Records. Sign In Sign Up. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: How to downgrade your Bios using Winflash. How to downgrade your Bios using Winflash Hey this is my first post which i hope will help some people I have an ASUS G74sx laptop and recently upgraded my Bios with a hacked one, For reasons not relevant i decided i wanted to downgradeI attempted to use Winflash but it reported that it was an older version and greyed out the Flash option.

After some research into the problem i found that it you created a Bootable usb stick and armed it with dos flashing programs that it could be done, but was this Really the easiest way?

All done, the computer will now reboot and you have successfully downgraded your Bios. That does seem simpler. It should be mentioned that some people have had trouble with WinFlash 'bricking' the notebook and recommend using the EasyFlash utility accessible through the BIOS. Thanks Omnikam, this method worked for me!

Supermicro Superserver

Ty so much i flashed my bios gjw to T06 trhotilng at 82C ty. Originally Posted by Omnikam. Hey this is my first post which i hope will help some people I have an ASUS G74sx laptop and recently upgraded my Bios with a hacked one, For reasons not relevant i decided i wanted to downgradeI attempted to use Winflash but it reported that it was an older version and greyed out the Flash option.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. Tags for this Thread bios downgradebios flashbackdowngrade bios.Jump below. I've now TinkerTry'd both of these releases. Preliminary, they seem to work well with my ESXi 6. The entire upgrade process was recorded, along with observing these fixes. I followed the exact upgrade procedures documented belowbut getting the video ready to publish will take time.

Looking for older bios versions for Supermicro mainboards

See below. May 03 Update 2 - I received unofficial clarification from Supermicro - "The 3. Emphasis is on home test labs, not production environments. No free technical support is implied or promised, and all best-effort advice volunteered by the author or commenters are on a use-at-your-own risk basis. Properly caring for your data is your responsibility.

TinkerTry bears no responsibility for data loss. It is up to you to follow all local laws and software EULAs. This all boils down to you needing to contact Supermicro's SuperServer Technical Support if something goes wrong, with no guarantees that they can help you if you bricked your system. I would add that you should be sure to run your SuperServer off an uninterruptable power supply during any firmware upgrades, and be sure you use a stable network connection, or a known-good USB flash drive for bootable media.

Even better, for the first time ever, there's full release notes that go all the way back to the beginning:. BIOS 1.

supermicro older bios

Another way is at supermicro. Mar 08 TinkerTry - Sensible Information Technology at home.

supermicro older bios

My opinions here, not my employer 's. Patreon SuperServer Order Page.Traditionally, updating any BIOS is cumbersome. Some vendors have integrated solutions like Dell with their Lifecycle Controllerbut all lack in some way.

I certainly do. And in my case, none of these options worked. And I did! But that did persuade me to search for ways to activate this option, and I found a separate solution from Supermicro that does, and it supplies the aforementioned activation key, too. You can request an evaluation version on the SUM product page. Upload the BIOS binary image, press some buttons and wait a while:. The code they sent me is longer than 24 characters long. I wonder if they stopped doing this or did I do something wrong?

Looks like they have removed the option to get an evaluation code from their site. Too many people must have taken advantage of this particular loophole. Oh well. Worked like a charm, Peter. Thanks Peter. Worked like a charm. Did any get the batch script to work?

Or any alternativ? Sometimes it requires reboot to enter into update mode and then do second execution to update. Not all boards are supported. How about an activate all in one command: assuming you have ipmitool installed, and sum in the current directory.Server Systems from Thomas-Krenn. If it is Workingeverything is as it should be. If this is not the case, turn off the power to the server and re-boot it.

The module will then be re-initialized and function properly. The firmware version and the event log can also be read from here. The IP addressthe gatewaythe subnet mask and, as needed, the MAC address can be read and configured. As a rule, the MAC address should not be changed.

Simply adjust the settings as desired and then exit the BIOS screen using the F10 key and accept the changes. In principle, setting the network options is the same from the web interface, except that configuration options will be presented as a form.

Then, the login page will be displayed. The default login information is:. From there, the form can be filled out as desired. Afterwards, save it using Save. Views View View source History. Personal tools Create account Log in. Thomas-Krenn Wiki.

supermicro older bios

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Thomas-Krenn is a synonym for servers made in Germany. We assemble and deliver in Europe within 24 hours. Configure your server individually at www.

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Supermicro BIOS Updates

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