Check Price. Best Pick. Onkyo HT-S 5. General Specifications. About the Product. For ease of use, the exclusive Yamaha YPAO system automatically calibrates your listening environment for optimal sound performance. Included is a compact 5. The HT-S has everything needed to supercharge music, movies, and games. Receiver Type. Maximum Video Resolution.

Watts Per Channel. What customers say about "Key Specs". Height Width Depth Weight.

onkyo indonesia

Speaker Type s Included. Total Power Handling. Surround Sound Supported. Number of Channels. Equalizer Total Power Handling. What customers say about "Audio". Radio Tuner. Number Of FM Presets. What customers say about "Features".

Onkyo Indonesia - OLX Cara Tepat Jual Cepat

What customers say about "Connectivity". Manufacturer Warranty. Bose Lifestyle Home Entertainment System. Dolby Atmos Home Theater. KEF E 5. Best Inflatable Movie Screens. Best Pocket Projectors. Best Motorized Projector Screens. Best 4K Projectors. Best Short Throw Projectors.

Onkyo NS-6170 Network Audio Player overview

Best Projector Screens. Best Home Theater Projectors. Best HD Projectors.All rights reserved. Stay ahead with our exclusives on Asia ; the most dynamic market in the world. Stay ahead with our exclusives on Asia. Get trusted insights from experts within Asia itself. Please review our Cookie Policy to learn how you can update your cookie settings. Arrow Artboard Created with Sketch. Artboard Created with Sketch. Consumer Durables Onkyo Corp. In the news Onkyo pulls plug on sale of audio business to US peer Oct 5, Hyundai readies voice-activated assistant for drivers Dec 22, Going-concern warnings hit post-crisis low in Japan Jun 16, Audio manufacturers pursue the perfect sound Apr 28, China on the leading edge of smart TV revolution Apr 26, See more articles on Onkyo Corp.

Business Summary Onkyo Corp. The AV segment includes headphones, home theater systems, components, amplifiers, disc players, speakers, and mini systems. The OEM segment produces automotive speakers, speaker parts, and home appliance speakers. The Digital Life segment offers mobile phones and headphone related products. The Others segment deals with electronic home appliances, personal computers and other IT related products.

The company was founded in September and is headquartered in Osaka, Japan. Onkyo Sports Corp. Onkyo Corp. Pioneer Home Electronics Corp.

Onkyo Electronics Corp. Tottori Onkyo Corp. Onkyo Entertainment Technology Corp. Onkyo Employee Stock Ownership Plan. Competitors Dreamus Company. Last Updated on 15 Apr, Offer ends April 30th. Your trial period has expired You need a subscription to Read all stories with unlimited access Use our mobile and tablet apps See all offers and subscribe. Your full access to the Nikkei Asian Review has expired You need a subscription to: Read all stories with unlimited access Use our mobile and tablet apps See all offers.Dolby Atmos adalah nama sebuah teknologi suara kitar yang dimiliki oleh Dolby Laboratories.

Atmos diperkenalkan pada bulan Juni saat peluncuran film Brave. Dolby Atmos juga telah diadaptasi ke format teater rumah dan merupakan komponen audio dari Dolby Cinema. Teknologi pencampuran suara dan perekaman suara Atmos juga telah tersedia di sebagian besar perangkat elektronik sejak tahunserta di ponsel pintar sejak tahun Album R.

Pada akhir bulan Junimitra perangkat keras Dolby mengumumkan bahwa Dolby Atmos akan segera tersedia untuk teater rumah. Beberapa produsen peralatan audiovisual ritel terkenal, seperti DenonMarantzOnkyoPioneerdan Yamaha pun mulai mengumumkan produk baru yang dilengkapi dengan Dolby Atmos.

Permainan Overwatch dan Battlefield 1 untuk komputer juga dilengkapi dengan Atmos. Dolby Atmos juga tersedia untuk penyuara kuping di komputer, Xbox Onedan ponsel.

Home Theater Audio - What is ARC, HDCP, Toslink, SPDIF, Dolby Atmos?

Teknik ini merupakan penyempurnaan dari teknologi Dolby Headphonememungkinkan banyak kanal suara dapat diproses menjadi suara kitar. Windows 10 versi Creators Update menambahkan dukungan untuk pemrosesan suara spasial, baik Windows Sonic dan Dolby Atmos untuk penyuara kuping.

onkyo indonesia

Dari Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas. Artikel ini memiliki bagian pembuka yang mungkin tidak cukup meringkas isinya. Untuk mematuhi pedoman bagian pembuka Wikipedia, harap pertimbangkan untuk memodifikasi pembuka untuk memberikan ikhtisar yang mudah dipahami dari poin-poin kunci artikel sedemikian rupa sehingga dapat berdiri sendiri sebagai versi singkat dari artikel tersebut.

September Daftar isi. BBC News. Diakses tanggal The Hollywood Reporter. Vox Media. Trusted Reviews. Diakses tanggal 4 June Kategori tersembunyi: Halaman dengan rujukan yang tidak memiliki judul Halaman dengan rujukan yang memiliki URL kosong Artikel dengan parameter tanggal yang tidak valid pada templat.

Ruang nama Halaman Pembicaraan. Tampilan Baca Sunting Sunting sumber Versi terdahulu. Komunitas Warung Kopi Portal komunitas Bantuan. Halaman ini terakhir diubah pada 16 Oktoberpukul Lihat Ketentuan Penggunaan untuk lebih jelasnya.Now Integra components can perfectly integrate into an existing Sonos Home Sound System, or be the foundation of a new system, through the addition of a Sonos Connect.

Integra network receivers are now certified and compatible with the Sonos platform, earning the Works with Sonos badge. Quite simply the ultimate all-in-one solution for channel object-based sound: prodigious driving power for floorstanding speaker layouts, full-scale dynamics, and breathtakingly clear imaging for your theater room with fully integrated AV entertainment throughout the home.

Expect unsurpassed in-theater immersion and fingertip control of housewide entertainment from Integra, the world leaders in home integration. An obsession to deliver flawless audio experiences is built into the design, construction, and performance of every Integra component.

We don't build simply to impress. Driven by Excellence. As the impact of the Coronavirus COVID is felt around the world we we want to share the actions we are taking to help keep our empExperience immersive audio performance with Onkyo Singapore. This Japanese brand is a pioneer in terms of cutting-edge designs for home entertainment and audio products that bring joy to your ears.

Check out the brand's best selection of home theater and audio systems, headphones, wireless earphones, and a whole lot more! Read about Onkyo Singapore below. Proudly pioneering premium home cinema and audio equipment, Onkyo is all about delivering great audio experience to your discerning ears that appreciate lovely music. For more than 60 years since its inception, Onkyo continues to take the world by storm through its exceptionally crafted products that prove to be amazing as they change and challenge the meaning of superior audio technology.

In other words, Onkyo is your leading home entertainment innovator that promises that your love affair with impressive audio experience will not end so soon because Onkyo is active in the business of optimizing and integrating your life with superior audio technology. In AprilTakeshi Godai founded Onkyo after he saw that there was just a lack of good Japanese-made speakers in the market at that time.

After a month, Onkyo released its first product, a cartridge pickup for record players. Surprisingly, the first Onkyo product was not a speaker but the profit that Onkyo made from this first product enabled it to plan and build a dedicated speaker factory. The year saw the opening of its factory.

Onkyo CS-265 Review: Bringing the Compact System Back

Realizing that most speakers used imported pre-made paper cones in their designs, Onkyo took the bold move of making its own paper cones as it saw the value in doing that.

Onkyo launched its highly anticipated Onkyo ED speaker in April which proved to be popular despite being more expensive than its closest rival model. Later, Onkyo would apply a patent for its non-pressed speaker cone which was still in production to this day. In order to keep up with growing demand that called for increased production, Onkyo moved to the new area with expanded office and factory space in Asahi-ku, Osaka in June Remember the earlier Onkyo ED speaker?

Onkyo released it again with its revolutionary non-pressed cone woofer in January Being far superior to its predecessor, there was little surprise that the crowd readily embraced this speaker with much enthusiasm.

Not just speakers, Onkyo proved its expertise in the production of radio with its Onkyo OS Inthe crowd enjoyed the live demonstration of Onkyo products at All Japan Audio Fair as Onkyo believed in showing to its customers about its amazing products.

Beginning inOnkyo led and organized live performance concerts at public auditoriums and community halls in order to display its products as well as getting the feedback from the crowd. Despite enjoying a string of successes, Onkyo only got its own iconic logo in In the same year, Onkyo also experimented with the production of its own television sets that featured its own amazing audio technology. From onwards, Onkyo continued to experience exponential growth through its growing family of advanced audio products that attracted the attention and adoration from the audiophile community.

Designing tons of audio products for different environments, Onkyo simply wanted its customers to enjoy access to its audio technology in many different sizes, from simple Onkyo headphones to a sophisticated stereo system. The year unveiled its current logo as it totally reflected its simple commitment of making a pure audio experience. As of now, Onkyo is still proud to share its love of amazing audio experience with people around the world.

Owing to its more than 60 years of designing and developing audio products that bring life and entertainment in many homes and other places, Onkyo continues to be optimistic when looking at the future of the audio industry. Such passion certainly displays Onkyo will never stop at pioneering innovations and introducing them with the whole world.

Even at this new age of digital reality, Onkyo still sees much potential and possibility of transforming your audio experience so that you can reap full benefits from the best technology and design that only Onkyo can offer.

Even now, Onkyo dedicates itself to the pursuit of testing newer and better ideas of coming out with best audio products that make your experience to be lasting and memorable at the same time.

Bring life into nothing, Onkyo home theater systems instantly transform your place to be filled with rich yet sharp audio quality in the air.Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off.

onkyo indonesia

Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. We noticed that you already have products in your cart. In order to add spare parts we have to empty your current cart. We noticed that you already have spare parts in your cart. In order to add new products we have to empty your current cart. Introducing the Citation series. Beautiful sound that speaks to you. Pelajari Lebih. Introducing the Citation Series. Sophisticated design and amazing wireless sound with Google Assistant.

Pelajari lebih. High-end Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Aura Studio 2. Wireless speaker with Ambient Lighting. Produk Populer.

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4. Rp 4, Rp 5, Rp 6, Onyx Studio 4: Desain elegan penuh fitur dan suara superior. Do you wish to continue? Yes No. Mendaftar untuk Harman Kardon Newsletter. Lihat Kebijakan Privasi Kami. Email Daftar. Pengeras suara. Dalam Perjalanan. Dukungan Dukungan Produk. Tentang kami Harman Corporate. Rahasia pribadi Indeks Situs. All rights reserved. More about cookies Hide.Needless to say, Onkyo knows how to build excellent amplifiers, and does a decent job with speakers too.

It's also one of the few companies still produces compact systems, which most manufacturers consider too niche a product category to bother with.

Today, we're reviewing the Rs. We're big fans of the concept of compact systems, so we're keen to find out if the CS lives up to our expectations. Design and specifications The Onkyo CS is a typical compact system, made up of a single powered head unit and a pair of passive stereo speakers. The amplifier is capable of powering two speakers with up to 20W of power output, with a frequency response range of ,Hz.

It weighs 1. The physical controls are on the top, along with the NFC receiver. The D-T25 2-way speakers feature 10cm woofers and 2cm tweeters. They're simple and compact, weighing just 1. They have a maximum power input rating of 40W and a frequency response range of ,Hz, which makes them well suited to run with the CR receiver. The CS isn't the best looking compact system you can find, but it isn't the worst either. It has the typical Onkyo aesthetic, with a glossy black finish, curved edges and a basic digital monochrome display.

It is unobtrusive and clean, andwon't get a lot of attention on its own. The speakers have the same glossy black finish as the receiver, making all the components match perfectly.

The package features a remote, which although plasticky and cheap looking, is durable and extremely useful. Every single aspect of the CS can be controlled by the remote, including source selection, playback controls, tone adjustment, volume, and the display.

Also included is a power cord, speaker cables, FM and AM antennae, and floor pads. We also plugged the system directly into our TV to test sound output in movies and TV shows. The USB input on the player itself does not support lossless formats, but these can be played through a connected source device.

We started with Suit and Tie on CD, and the first thing evident about the sound was the power and punch. Despite the small size of the system, there's considerable attack and drive to the music.

There's a very distinct sonic signature as well, and it's far from neutral.

onkyo indonesia

The woofers do a fair job of producing defined, meaty bass, while the tweeters handle the highs well enough. This starts from the beginning of the track, and the bass tends to thump its way through the rest of the track as well.

Next up was the cover of Sexual Healing. The quality of the low-frequency handling was even more evident in this track, especially during the trombone sections, which felt almost as realistic as being seated in front of a live brass band. There's a strong reverb to the lows, showing off excellent bass response.

ONKYO Distributor List

This continues through the sub-mids as well. Fortunately, this doesn't tend to affect the highs negatively, as the tweeters continue to work through the thump. We moved on to Bloodflows, which once again proved the system's capability with sub-mids, but also highlighted weaknesses with the upper mids. There seems to be a significant drop in the upper-mid range until the tweeters take over with the highs. Although not perfect, the sound is adequate most of the time, and definitely has a warm, punchy character to it.

We particularly enjoyed this signature at home, as it offered a loud, room-filling and immersive musical experience.

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